Final project


For your final project, you are to find your own data source(s) and create a “visual story” visualizing insights from the data. Your visual story should consist of at least 1 but no more than 3 dashboards visualizing these data. This project is “tool agnostic”: you may create your visualizations using Tableau, or R, or any other visualization software. The only requirement is that whatever software you use produces a final dashboard product that is ready-to-publish on the Internet.

If using R, check out flexdashboards. This is an easy template for creating dashboards using R Markdown. Flexdashboards allow you to create ready-to-publish html page.

Each visual story should include one (1) “introductory” dashboard. This should include text/images explaining:

  • Data source;
  • any prerequisite data cleaning;
  • questions to be asked of the data and answered in subsequent visualizations.

This “introductory” dashboard is in addition to your 1-3 dashboards with actual data visualizations.

All students will give a 10-12 minute presentation to the class showcasing their visual story.


  1. Monday, October 30: Description of data source(s) (including link(s)) with at least three (3) draft questions you will ask of the data source due to D2L.
  2. Friday, November 17: Oral presentations of visual stories begin. All students must have final dashboards uploaded to D2L by this date. We will use the final exam slot on Monday, December 4 from 3:30-5:30 pm to complete presentations.


Your final grade will consist of the following:

Presentation order

Order Student
1 Khanal, Kapil
2 Quam, Mariah S
3 Khan, Akif A
4 Dye, McHale T
5 Xu, Yulun
6 Krueger, Ross L
7 Barta, Jack A
8 Ellingworth, Austin J
9 Nead, Catherine M
10 Gathje, Thomas J
11 Willkom, Lauren M
12 Ladin, Matthew F
13 Miertschin, Stacey L
14 Erickson, Bradley W
15 Smith, Nathan R
16 Clemens, Adam J
17 Khan, Waheed
18 Dokkebakken, Sam C
19 Stampley, David L
20 Oelerking, Maxwell S
21 Hickey, James J
22 Meyer, Samantha
23 Buske, Reagan N
24 Boelter, Paul G
25 Quraishi, Salman M
26 Diedrick, William J
27 Nguyen, Linh H
28 Xue, Fengrui

Example data sources

Winona Area Public Schools:


  • (Bureau of Justice Statistics)




See This Blog: 30 places to find open data on the web for some ideas Some sources above are mentioned in this blog.

You are, of course, free to use other data sources than those mentioned above, or to scrape data using rvest or some other tool.