A life of war (MakeoverMonday Week 6)

This week’s MakeoverMonday is a good one. Without further ado, the original visualization by Philip Bump, appearing in his Washington Post article entitled Nearly a quarter of Americans have never experienced the U.S. in a time of peace: This graph triggered my pedagogical Pavlovian dog. Not just because it’s easy to malign the poor pie chart (of which this graph has 115!), but because I had a hunch that a redesign would reveal features of the data that are obscured above.

MakeoverMonday: Pesticide usage in US

It’s been a while since I’ve posted! For a while I’ve been interested in joining the MakeoverMonday community, a group of data visualizers who come together each week to critique and redesign a visualization provided by Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel. I haven’t, due to busyness mostly, but this semester I finally took the dive and signed up! Call it a 2020 resolution. I hope that this will become a regular opportunity for me to keep developing my visualization critique and design skills.