A life of war (MakeoverMonday Week 6)

This week’s MakeoverMonday is a good one. Without further ado, the original visualization by Philip Bump, appearing in his Washington Post article entitled Nearly a quarter of Americans have never experienced the U.S. in a time of peace: This graph triggered my pedagogical Pavlovian dog. Not just because it’s easy to malign the poor pie chart (of which this graph has 115!), but because I had a hunch that a redesign would reveal features of the data that are obscured above.

MakeoverMonday: Pesticide usage in US

It’s been a while since I’ve posted! For a while I’ve been interested in joining the MakeoverMonday community, a group of data visualizers who come together each week to critique and redesign a visualization provided by Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel. I haven’t, due to busyness mostly, but this semester I finally took the dive and signed up! Call it a 2020 resolution. I hope that this will become a regular opportunity for me to keep developing my visualization critique and design skills.

Data Visualization: Principles and Applications in R, Tableau, and Python

Pre-conference workshop at SDSS 2019. Bellevue, WA. Co-author: Todd Iverson

A core data science curriculum for undergraduates

Pre-conference workshop at USCOTS 2019. Penn State, PA. Co-authors: Brant Deppa; Tisha Hooks; Todd Iverson; April Kerby; Chris Malone

Data visualization: Principles and Practice with Tableau Public and Python

Pre-conference workshop at ICOTS 10. Kyoto, Japan. Co-author: Todd Iverson

Web scraping and data visualization with Python and Tableau

Pre-conference workshop at USCOTS 2017. Penn State, PA. Co-author: Todd Iverson

Quantifying thrill

Monday morning, October 30, found me groggy and sandy-eyed. The culprit was the 5-hour and 17-minute, 10-inning thriller between the LA Dodgers and Houston Astros in Game 5 of the 2017 the night before. Thanks to living in the Central Time Zone, I went to bed around 1am. The Astros ended up defeating the Dodgers 13-12, but the game was insane, featuring three comebacks from deficits of 3 runs or more.

Racial disparity in Winona Area Public School District

This visualization project was inspired by the excellent This American Life episode, Is This Working? The entire episode is well worth a listen, but the gist of the episode was that racial inequity in disciplinary action translates into racial inequity in academic outcomes. I was curious to see if this association held up, in the Winona Area Public Schools, using publicly available data from the Minnesota Department of Education Data Center.


As I was watching Chris Rock host the 2016 Oscars, I decided to finally scratch my curiosity itch and learn R’s Twitter API, twitteR. The 2016 Oscars were controversial, due to the fact that all the actors and actresses nominated were white for the second year in a row. Chris Rock made sure to point this out in his opening monologue, and tweets began using the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite to advance the conversation.