Play Day Task

This play day is modified from a similar assignment by Jerzy Wieczorek of specifically this one.

Consider data tablulated from the 2010 Digest of Education Statistics, tables 308 to 330.. The intent of this data is to answer:

  1. In what fields are more women entering college?
  2. How is each field’s gender balance changing?
  3. Is there a difference in gender balance comparing STEM to non-STEM fields?
  4. How has the gender balance in STEM fields changed relative to the balance in non-STEM fields over time?

Here is one take.

Step 1

Critique this visualization at your tables, making a list of your critiques. Be specific, considering:

  • What comparisons do you want to make, and how easy is it to make those comparisons?
  • What are redesigns that would make those comparisons easier by better exploiting principles of visual perception?
  • What aesthetic attributes need changing?

Each student should submit critiques to the Play Day 4 submission folder on D2L.

Step 2

Create a visualization using the data that improves upon the one provided, incorporating the critiques you made in Step 1. Submit the redesign to the Play Day 4 submission folder on D2L.

Silas Bergen
Silas Bergen
Associate professor of statistics and data science