Data vizzing in Japan

This July, my colleage Todd Iverson and I had the incredible opportunity to lead a pre-conference workshop at ICOTS 10 in Kyoto, Japan. Our workshop was titled Data visualization: best practices and principles using Tableau Public and Python.

Our workshop began by covering Leland Wilkinson’s grammar of graphics. Most data visualization software (Tableau, Python, R, JMP) employ some version of this grammar, and with a firm understanding it becomes easy to transition between them. We focused primarily on Tableau and Python in our workshop. All the workshop materials are available at the designated Github repository.

It was an engaging four hours that felt more like one hour, with participants from all over the world! Our fantastic crew:

ICOTS 10 itself was fantastic, including keynotes from Chris Wild, Hillary Parker, and Anna Rosling Rönnlund. And of course, we made time to explore and sample the local cuisine.

Silas Bergen
Silas Bergen
Associate professor of statistics and data science